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What is hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding is a mixture of lawn seed, paper mulch, green food coloring, fertilizer, and a tackifier mixed in a tank and sprayed onto the newly prepared topsoil.
Paper mulch is ground up newspaper mixed with food coloring which retains the moisture next to the seed.
The fertilizer is an 8–32-16 blend which is specifically formulated for new lawn growth.
The lawn seed is a true Alaska Blend which is formulated for Alaska’s growing conditions.
Tackifier is a binder when mixed with water makes a slurry that will help hold the seed and mulch to the ground.


What is the main advantage of hydroseeding?
The main reason for hydroseeding is the quick rate for producing grass growth and the maximum amount of seed germination.


What will I see the first few days?
The green color in the mulch will fade rapidly from the amount of sunlight and watering.


How soon will I see grass growing?
Under ideal conditions including ground temperature, frequency of watering, and weather conditions grass could be showing in as little as seven days.


How much watering do I need?
Watering is very important to the process. The most common reason for poor seed growth is a lack of moisture during critical growth cycles.
The new hydroseeding needs to be kept damp continuously until the new grass appears in about 7 days. If the seed is allowed to dry out, the germination process will halt and the seedling will die. You will have to make adjustment with your watering according to the weather.
Once grass has begun to appear, you can cut back on your watering.
In 3 or 4 weeks you can water as you would an established lawn.


Can I over water?
Yes! The new hydroseeding needs to be kept damp without puddles. Too much watering can cause the seed to wash away or rot.


When should I start mowing?
Mow your new lawn when it reaches a height of 3 ˝ inches. Set your mower to cut at 3 inches high. Make sure your blades are sharp. Bag your clippings. Do not rake your new lawn. Be careful with your mower on your new grass.


Will I need to fertilize?
The initial hydroseeding contains fertilizer. You will need to fertilize if the grass shows signs of deficiency by turning a light yellow or lighter shade of green. Apply fertilizer cautiously and according to manufacturer’s directions.


Can I walk on it?
Walk on the hydroseeding as little as possible while watering. The mulch may stick to the bottom of your shoes and remove some of the seed.


What about weeds?
Weeds will typically appear in the new lawn. Do not attempt to control weeds at this time. Many lawns have been ruined by trying to control the weeds too soon. When you begin cutting the new lawn it will stimulate the growth of the new grass and roots and will eliminate the production of many of the weeds. Most products that are used to control and kill weeds may be used after the lawn has been mowed three times. Always refer to the manufacturer directions. Proper care and maintenance of your lawn through watering and fertilizing will also decrease weed growth.
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