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Getting a good start on your new lawn means finding quality topsoil.


Blended topsoil consists of 3 equal parts of peat, loam, and sand. These are mixed together and screened through a 3/8 sizing of piano wire. Each part has its own purpose in the making of a quality topsoil.


Peat is usually the black dirt that comes out of dried up swampy areas. The main purpose of peat is to help hold moisture in the soil. Peat is almost a sterile type of dirt with little or no nutritional value to the lawn. If peat is used alone it takes a large amount of supplements to promote lawn growth.


Loam, which is also referred to as local soil, is usually a light brown in color and comes from the one foot organic layer of dirt found under vegetation of fields and forests. The purpose of the loam is to provide the organics and nutrients for the lawn. Along with this benefit comes the appearance of weeds which is due to the fertile soil. This will be overcome by the lawn and weed management later.


Sand is usually light gray in color and is screened from gravel. The purpose of the sand in the topsoil mixture is to allow the water to penetrate deeper into the soil. The sand prevents the water from puddling on top of the lawn and allows the water to reach the root system. Sand has no nutritional value in the soil.


These three components are mixed together with a bulldozer and then screened down to 3/8 to remove larger rocks and sticks. This provides a quality mix that will hold moisture because of the peat, but also drains well due to the sand and small pebbles that pass through the screen. The appearance of the soil should be a light brown color.


Dump trucks typically deliver 12 cubic yards per truck load. Due to the fluffiness of the topsoil, it is usually spread approximately 4 in depth, then will compact to 3 from traffic and use of equipment to spread the topsoil.


Each truck load will cover approximately 800 to 1000 square feet of area. There are many variations that can be made to topsoil by adding various types of fertilizers, composts and manures.
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